Helpful Summer Home Maintence Tips

With the change of each season comes a new set of maintenance tasks for your home. Now that summer’s here, you’ll want to prepare your home and yard for the onslaught of summer heat. From air-conditioner upkeep to simple grill maintenance, these simple chores will help keep your home happy and healthy. By keeping your home properly maintained, you can lessen the risk of damage and also safeguard the well being of your family.

Energy Efficiency is always a top priority as the temperature increases, to increase energy efficiency in your home try these tips:Picture1

  • Dust your ceiling fans and balance any wobbly blades by tightening loose screws.
  • Use a fan only when you are inside the room. A fan doesn’t change the temperature of the room, but instead just cools you down.
  • Check your windows and doors for air leaks and cover with weather stripping or seal as needed.
    • Expert Tip: Use a small paintbrush or toothbrush when cleaning windows to get to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. They burn cooler and hence add less heat to the room in summers.
  • Remove any debris that has accumulated near the outdoor AC unit. Second, change any dirty filters that are inside your home
    • If possible, service your air conditioner by a repairman. Dirty coils and wrong charge will have an impact on performance and efficiency.
  • Check your furnace filter. Clean or replace if required. If your furnace filter is dirty, it slows down the airflow through the system and can create performance issues

Outside Maintenance:

  • Since your deck or patio will be getting much more use during these hotter months inspect them for potential hazards such as loose boards and protruding nails.
  • Clean out the gutters and ensure that water freely moves out your down spouts.
  • Give your grill a deep cleaning with these simple steps:
    • For gas grills, turn the heat up to high and let the grill cook with the lid closed for about half an hour. Allow the grill to cool and then brush it off with a grill brush. Wipe down the exterior with a damp sponge and a gentle cleanser. Clean the grill’s drip pans.
    • For charcoal grills, completely empty the grill and wipe out any ashy residue. Then clean it inside and out with hot water, a scrubby sponge and some liquid dish washing soap. Let the grill dry completely before using it again.
  • Add a layer of mulch to keep weeds down and help the ground retain its moisture in the heat.
  • Check your hoses and exterior faucets for leaks — even a tiny drip can add up to a big waste of water. Pinhole leaks in hoses can be covered up by winding regular electrical tape around the (dry) hose in overlapping layers.


 Remember (as with every change of season) to check all smoke alarm batteries! th

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